Environmental Accident Removal

EPS biotechnology values the health of the environment equally as our client’s reputation. Therefore, we provide emergency services for the removal of sudden ecological accidents including quick situation screening and response to prevent any further damage of those above said.

Each ecological accident is a unique event, for which the emergency response requires precise coordination, swiftness, appropriateness of the remediation effort, and instantaneous risk assessment by the experts - chemist, hydrogeologist, or ecologist.

Contact our 24/7 emergency response line for immediate coordination (abuse is legally punishable).
For the quickest response possible, after contacting the Integrated Rescue System authorities (112), call

+420 734 157 217

along with filling in the following critical information form. We will get back in touch with an immediate consulting response.
V Pastouškách 205
68604 Kunovice
Czech Republic
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