Consulting Services

EPS biotechnology provides all environmental clean-up related services, the client may need.

In Feasibility Studies, our environmental experts compare proposed remediation alternatives and consider their technical, economical, and socio-economic criteria, with the best intention to protect the environment’s health and the client’s reputation and resources. Feasibility Study is an inherent follower for the Risk Assessment Study.
The dynamic EPS biotechnology team of experts provides the client with complex Advising and Consultation in the field of environmental remediation, analysing the proposed solution with a wide spectrum of views on the side-effects for each particular part of the environment.
In environmental Supervising, our specialists ensure effective use of the client's financial resources, compliance with qualitative parameters of the undertaking, compliance with approved technical protocol, and fulfilling of legislation and technology standards required.
We supervise especially in the case of:
Risk assessment elaborations

Reference projects:
ISH Olomouc, HARFA Prague, KOMAS Opava, VISTEON Hluk
Remediation interventions

Reference projects:
ISH Neřední, Kozí Hřbety, Nemšová, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, CARGO in Bánovce nad Bebravou
Construction and public engineering activities

Reference projects:
effacing the mining history: The Ležáky mine - construction of the PTS (subsurface sealing wall), KOHINOOR mine
Other services provided include (but are not limited to): Ecology Auditing, Risk Assessment Analysis, Feasibility Studies, Pollution Monitoring, etc.
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Czech Republic
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