Center for Microbial Biomass Research

EPS Proudly Announces Opening of New Research Center.

EPS biotechnology is proud to announce the opening of its Center for Microbial Biomass Research.  Thanks to their long term constructive approach based on grant - funded and custom - tailored research, the biotechnology SME company belongs to the leading edge of environmental biotechnologies in the Czech Republic.

Fostering the predominance of circular economy, EPS has long recognized the strong market potential of innovative research in the field of food biotechnology. The Center for Microbial Biomass Research was opened in May 2019 to create an infrastructure that will allow cutting edge research and simultaneously simplify its transfer to the market.
The Center for Microbial Biomass Research is designed to facilitate the complete realization of biological processes based on bacterial, yeast, or mold axenic or consortial cultures. Both the microbial biomass as well as the intracellular or extracellular metabolites can be processed. The heart of the Center the reactor hall is equipped with bioreactors of 2 - 300 liter internal volume, chamber and flat - plate centrifuge separators, quarter - industrial and semi - industrial lyophilizing units, and a mechanical cell - mass homogenizer. The Center cellar consists of multiple separated incubation boxes allowing for 50 - 1000 liter fermentation experiments under controlled temperature conditions. Food - grade hygiene standards are enforceable throughout the entire Center.

Putting this infrastructure into operation opens a wide range of new food - and non - food based research opportunities. Currently, there are 16 national, 2 cluster, and 2 EU projects under progress in EPS, whose outcome - to - market transfer is mainly facilitated through this new Center for Microbial Biomass Research.
V Pastouškách 205
68604 Kunovice
Czech Republic
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