Remediation R&D

Our core R&D duties are focused on high excellence research, outcome publishing, patenting and proof-of-concept prototypes

The main purpose of the EPS R&D activities is to widen the knowledge base about the microbial bioremediation potential for diverse types of pollution. The progress in the field of bioremediation is achieved through our own exploration of novel approaches, innovations, optimizations, and synergistic combinations of technologies that are directly implemented in pilot or industrial-scale remediation interventions, commonly tailored for the specifically contaminated sites.
The EPS biotechnology company realizes the crucial importance of the high quality microbiological laboratory working not only for its own bioremediation projects. By offering this inherent capacity to our clients, the entire field of practical bioremediation may be substantially improved. Connecting the laboratory with the fieldwork should be an integral part of every project aiming to solve environmental damage with the vision of lowest impact possible and natural conditions' restoration. The use a mobile filed laboratory adds yet another advantage to the remediation process.
Bioremediation techniques

Physicochemical techniques

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